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Do 19. Jan 2017, 13:41
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Thema: Die Kinder von Dyanion
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Re: Die Kinder von Dyanion

Adil Dyani was spotted at Haugenstua with a new signature deck from Opus Skateboards. See the signature decks, and check out the Justme profiles of all the current skateboarders on Team Opus.
von davidpaul
Do 19. Jan 2017, 13:23
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Thema: Russischer Zauberer von Oz
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Re: Russischer Zauberer von Oz

While Baum had already written sequels featuring his Oz characters, Volkov instead wrote his own sequels to the story, starting in 1963, with the publication of “Urfin Jus and the Wooden Soldiers.” As mentioned, the titular villain, Urfin Jus, was said to be a former Munchkin servant of the deceased...
von davidpaul
Do 19. Jan 2017, 13:20
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Thema: Die Chronik des großen Dämonenkrieges
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Re: Die Chronik des großen Dämonenkrieges

Using the enemy's own portals, King Arik sends the elite forces of Alcea to Zara to crush the Federation. Woefully outnumbered, the Alceans join forces with the indigenous rebels to battle the massive armies of Emperor Jaar while the Knights of Alcea scheme from within the enemy's leadership to foil...