Few tips on reading effectively and efficiently.

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Few tips on reading effectively and efficiently.

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Something I REALLY want to do is to make reading a hobby. I find reading books to be really useful, but I just can't get myself to sit down and read.

Don't get me wrong. I do enjoy reading and try my best to do it regularly, but most of the time, I encounter these following problems:

I get annoyed because my family is making noise in the living room/my mom is talking on the phone/the tv in the other room distracts me.

I can't find a comfortable place to sit, usually end up twisting around and placing myself in weird postures.

I think about reading, and then find something else to do.tweakbox appvalley https://vlc.onl/

I start daydreaming, lose touch of what I was actually reading and then close the book.

Get annoyed because I'm reading so slowly.

I made a goal of reading 20 books this year and I've only gone through 1 and a half... (IT and one of the Different Seasons from Stephen King)

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Re: Few tips on reading effectively and efficiently.

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How about reading on the train or while waiting at the checkout line for example? I always carry a book with me, so I get a lot of reading done during the in-between times.

It‘s also a pleasure to read at a café. Or, if you need more leisure or quiet: why don’t you just sit down in the library? You could stay there for hours and have thousands of books to choose from (and can still bring your own of course).

On warm days, you could just pack your bag with several books and a blanket, ride your bike to the nearest park and get lost in stories, while lying on the soft grass in the sun.

Your goal of reading 20 books this year was way too ambitious, imo, as you‘re not used to reading novels. How about 10 to 12 books? And choose books that REALLY interest you, not because you feel you have to read them. Also, for the start choose books that are not too thick (like IT, though this sure IS exciting, of course).

Try to put your phone (or other distracting stuff) far enough away that you can‘t reach it easily.

Btw, it‘s OKAY, to daydream or let your thoughts wander sometimes while reading, happens to the best of us :wink: .

Just keep trying. The more you read, the easier it will get. And with some books you may find yourself sinking so deeply and completely into the story that the reality around you will cease to exist. Like, when you‘re suddenly torn out of the story, everything around you will have a dreamlike, highly unreal quality, as if you were looking through a binocular from the wrong end or if everything was under water with the sounds surrounding you sounding muffled.
No drugs involved. Just books. :D