Hallo, ich bin Neuling

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Hallo, ich bin Neuling

Beitrag von Whiplack » Mo 24. Dez 2018, 20:10

Do you love playing skills games? For those who want to improve their personal skills, they definitely play or even practice themselves hours and hours to conquer the challenges of this type genre. In this post, some of the amazing skills games will be given to you as a recommendation. Let’s check them all now.

Skills games are considered as a kind of games requiring players’ patience.

You can take some time off to play some of the good games at games to play with a friend online.


Do you have a taste in music? And if you do, what kind of musical instrument that you want to try to be good at. About piano, you know that there are tons of famous song I bet you have listened to them a more than a couple of times such as Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven, Nocturnes by Chopin or Carnaval by Schumann and more. Every time listen to those songs, the peaceful tone will please your eyes like pouring honey into your ears. All right, so be inspired by those songs, do you want to give it a try to practice yourself to play them? 

The virtual graphics look so real for players to enjoy.

With a digital keyboard, this game will give you a compacted version of a real piano. Moreover, there is a key assist function that can help you to remember the key you learned. This is definitely a good way to help you learn music. So what are you waiting for trying the game right now?

If you are interested in other games, you can find them at online games to play with your friends.


The next cool skill game for you is called Enclose. Through its title, you can guess what do you have to do in this game, right? 

Well, basically, you will try your best to enclose more color blues as you can by your mouse cursor. One thing to note is that, if it takes so long to be covered your circle, those orbs will be exploded.

This fast-paced game will have you on the edge of your seat.

The hardest part that may bug lots of players is that there will be some other scattered red orbs nearby those blues one. Thus you have to react quickly. You will have a chance to enclose multiple blue colors at once. So do you have what it takes to conquer all the challenges of this game? Let's play and find out.

More other amazing games are waiting for you ahead at best online games to play with friends, play and add some into your favorite games list then.
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Re: Hallo, ich bin Neuling

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Hallo, Josh, herzlich Willkommen!

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Re: Hallo, ich bin Neuling

Beitrag von Alsterperle » Di 25. Dez 2018, 12:24

Es reicht ja nicht deutsch zu sprechen,
man muss den anderen ja auch verstehen :lol:

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Re: Hallo, ich bin Neuling

Beitrag von Rotfeder » Di 25. Dez 2018, 21:48

Hey Josh, der war gut :)

Ich komme zum Beispiel auch aus Australien, spreche aber kein Deutsch.

Oder umgekehrt - weiß es selbst nicht so genau :P

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Re: Hallo, ich bin Neuling

Beitrag von vorderhaus » Do 27. Dez 2018, 21:07

Hallo Josh, herzlich willkommen!!
Schreiabst Du aus Australien oder bist Du jetzt in Deutschland? Um deutsch zu sprechen vielleicht? Wo hast Du es gelernt?